Angels’ Weaver takes pointed shot at Mariners’ Seager regarding HBP, ejection

Updated Sep 18, 2015 at 1:49p ET

Two days ago, Los Angeles Angels right-hander Jered Weaver and Kyle Seager of the Seattle Mariners 'got into it' a little bit. Seager kept calling timeout at the plate, which irked Weaver. Coincidentally (or not coincidentally, depending on your perspective), Weaver then drilled Seager with a pitch and was promptly ejected.

After the dust-up, Seager said Weaver 'quit on his team' since it seemed obvious to expect an ejection after a HBP in that situation.

On Thursday, Jeff Fletcher of the O.C. Register spoke with Weaver about the incident and Weaver retaliated a bit for Seager's 'quit on his team' comment.

When asked again if he had a response, Weaver replied with the following: "I don’t even know who this kid is."

Regarding the pitch that hit Seager, Weaver spoke candidly with Fletcher in deflecting thoughts of having thrown it intentionally: “I haven’t thrown two-seamers in to left-handers with good control in six months. I’ve hit more guys this year (11) than I have in my entire career. So control has not been as good as it has been. Hence, the 5 ERA.”

Surely, Weaver knows who Seager is, considering they've done battle in the AL West for at least the past two or three seasons. Then again, he could also be saying this just to stir the pot and knock Seager down a peg or two.

Regardless of his intention behind the comment (and the pitch), watching Weaver pitch to Seager the next time these two teams match up (September 25-27 in Anaheim) should be fun.

(h/t O.C. Register)

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