Gegard Mousasi: ‘I have killer instincts’

Updated Sep 25, 2015 at 5:00p ET

Gegard Mousasi spent most of his adolescence training, and has spent all of his adult life fighting. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that the middleweight contender takes a technical and cerebral approach to competing in the UFC.

"You can never learn enough," he recently said (above).

His lifetime of training in all major facets of MMA keep the Dutchman confident wherever his fights go. "I always feel confident that whatever happens, I can protect myself," he maintained.

When "The Dreamcatcher" is in the ring, he looks to stay within striking range only long enough to attack his opponent, but not long enough to sustain damage, himself. "I train to keep the distance. Not to get hit, of course, and to hit them (laughs)," he continued.

His preparation for Saturday's matchup against Uriah Hall in Saitama, Japan gives Mousasi an opportunity to win his third straight fight. He knows the stakes, and so he made sure to prepare himself in every way, during his training camp in Holland.

"For a fight you try to get in shape. Meanwhile, you also try to develop yourself technique-wise, mentally, physically," he explained.

Hall has sometimes shown ambivalence about his own violent, fight-ending abilities. Mousasi doesn't appear to share any of that trepidation.

If and when he has the chance, the European says he will go for the kill. "I have killer-instincts, so I'm going to go for the finish."

With an impressive record and win streak, the 30-year-old now has just one goal left in his career before he can consider it completed — a world title. "My main goal, now, is to win the UFC belt," he concluded.

"It's the pinnacle of my career."

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