Jimmer Fredette: ‘I wasn’t expecting this opportunity at all’

Updated Sep 22, 2015 at 12:30p ET

When news broke over the summer that the almighty San Antonio Spurs had signed Jimmer Fredette, jokes rang out about how the disappointing guard would suddenly transform into a triple-double averaging monster.

The Spurs basically never make mistakes. Even though Fredette only averaged 3.6 points per game last season, would it honestly shock anyone if he became a deadly three-point shooting weapon in San Antonio's offense?

Probably not. But Fredette himself was as surprised as anyone when he first heard that the Spurs were interested in bringing him aboard. Here's what he told the Deseret News:

“It’s an awesome opportunity. When I got the phone call, I wasn’t expecting this opportunity at all. It is something I’m grateful they offered me and it showed they want me on the team. They don’t offer people for no reason. They see a type of guy they want and they go after (him) and I’m glad I’m their type of guy.”

Fredette can't defend anybody, he's too small to finish in the paint and not athletic enough to consistently penetrate and create his own shot, let alone solid looks for his teammates.

But the Spurs know there's no such thing as having too many shooters. And Fredette can shoot. It will be interesting to see if Gregg Popovich actually plays him in a game that matters, though.

(h/t: Deseret News)

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