Jon Jones already in serious shape ahead of possible return

Updated Oct 2, 2015 at 11:09a ET

There was a time when Jon Jones got soft between fights. Like many fighters, Jones seemed to take it relatively easy in between training camps, and as a result, had to spend a good amount of his camps burning fat instead of simply fine-tuning his conditioning and preparing tactics for his opponent.

Those days may be over for "Bones." The stripped former light heavyweight champion posted a video of himself working out — shirtless — Thursday and it is clear that the embattled star has been using his time off to train hard.

Jones posted the above video (refresh the page if you can't see it) with the caption, "Adversity introduces a man to himself."

With Jones having avoided prison time for his hit-and-run case, he is likely closer to fighting once again than he has been in months. It's great to see that the fighter hasn't been sitting on his hands during all this.

If the video of a lean Jones is current, it would seem to confirm reports we'd been getting from those around him that he has been in the gym regularly in New Mexico, training hard while his criminal case proceeded and he sat out from UFC competition.

Hopefully Jones is also taking care of his body outside of the training room and abstaining from the likes of cocaine, which he tested positive for during his last training camp. He's one of the best fighters we've ever seen in MMA, and it would be great to not only see him continue to be great in the cage for years to come, but to also be healthy and safe outside of it for decades to come.

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