Jose Aldo calls out ‘Irish sucker’ Conor McGregor over drug tests

Updated Sep 17, 2015 at 9:02p ET

Conor McGregor fired off more than a few accusations towards UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo after a drug-testing debacle went down in Brazil this past June, and now the long-reigning king at 145 pounds is launching a counterattack ahead of their fight at UFC 194 in December.

Aldo took a random drug test this week and posted a picture on Instagram while unloading on McGregor to ask if he's done the same.

"Hey, Irish sucker! Have you already done your drug test or they don't have it in Ireland?" Aldo said. "I did it today! I wanna do it again next week! How about you? Are you ready for it, you punk?!?"

Aldo even posted a picture with his drug test and a big smile aimed right at McGregor after the two exchanged similar barbs earlier this year.


The entire controversy started in June when Aldo was supposed to be randomly tested by the Nevada State Athletic Commission ahead of their scheduled fight in July.

The tester showed up at Aldo's gym, but his sample was eventually tossed when it was discovered that the collector arrived in Brazil without the proper work visas to conduct business in the country.

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The test collector was essentially told to leave the country within a certain amount of time or risk expulsion, but in the meantime, a second test was taken the next day with commission reps from Brazil overseeing the process instead.

Needless to say, McGregor and his team had a field day with Aldo's not-so-random second test and even recently took a shot at the Brazilian by saying his “shady ass” doesn't actually get tested in Brazil.

Well, Aldo posted his proof this week, and now he's waiting to find out if McGregor received the same treatment now that he's back home in Ireland.

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