Lou Williams says Raptors ‘played a lot of iso basketball’ last season

Updated Sep 18, 2015 at 3:39p ET

Lou Williams was a shoot-first, ask-questions-later guard for the Raptors last season, and his ability to score off the bench in one-on-one situations was part of the reason he received Sixth Man of the Year honors.

But Toronto didn't even offer him a contract to return once Williams hit free agency this summer, and now, as he prepares for his first season in Los Angeles with the Lakers, Williams discussed the difference between the offensive philosophies of the two teams.

Williams — who averaged 4.2 assists in Philadelphia in 2009-10 — saw that number halved last season in Toronto. But at the same time, he was also able to pour in a career-high 15.5 points per game. The 28-year-old sees this as a testament to his ability to adapt to his offense’s needs.

“I’m open to whatever,” Williams said. “I think in Toronto my job was to score just based on the system that we had. We played a lot of iso basketball — a lot of one-on-one basketball. And here the system is more free-flowing for guys to have the opportunity to make plays and put guys in position to score the basketball, as well as yourself. So whatever’s asked of me, I’m willing to do it.”

It remains to be seen just how free-flowing the Lakers offense will be with Kobe Bryant back in the fold, who recently has shown a propensity to dominate the ball and try to do things all by himself. But if Bryant allows it, it seems as though Williams is open to distributing the ball more than he did last season with the Raptors.

(h/t: SLAM, Lakers.com)

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