Manu Ginobili is on Drake and Future’s new mixtape?

Updated Sep 22, 2015 at 12:30p ET

Drake and Future's new mixtape "What a Time to be Alive," is of the juiciest releases rap music has seen in a very long time. Not since Jay Z and Kanye West teamed up for "Watch the Throne" have two hip-hop artists at the very top of their game teamed up for a collaboration so humongous.

And, naturally, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili got a shout out. Here's more, courtesy of San Antonio Express-News' Madalyn Mendoza:

In the first verse of Jumpman, Drake gives a shout out to San Antonio’s Argentine baller and his unique shooting style saying, “I hit that Ginobili with my left hand like ‘woo.’”This isn’t the first time Drake has alluded to No. 20. A few months ago, he took to Instagram to post a video clip of Mo-G, another Toronto rapper, saying “[…] switch up with the left like Ginobili.” He included #GinobliDance, spurring hundreds of copycat fan posts with the same incorrect spelling of the baller/bat-swatter’s name.

Ginobili is basically a living legend, with a game that should be appreciated by every single person who's ever seen him play.

He may not be as "cool" as LeBron James or Stephen Curry, but if listeners keep hearing Ginobili's name spill from Drake's tongue, the 38-year-old will soon become the most popular person in the world.

(h/t: San Antonio Express-News)

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