Mariners have arguably been Royals’ toughest opponent in recent years

Updated Sep 22, 2015 at 12:25p ET

Although the Kansas City Royals took two of three games from the Seattle Mariners when these teams met in June, the Mariners have arguably been Kansas City's toughest opponent in recent years.

Best Record vs. Royals Since 2012

Team Record Win percentage
Mariners 16-9 .640
Blue Jays 17-11 .607
Cardinals 12-8 .600
Yankees 16-11 .593
Tigers 44-31 .587

With his three-home run outburst on Sunday, Kendrys Morales is now up to 105 RBI in 2015. Only one player has ever delivered more in his first year with the Royals.

Most RBI in First Season with Royals

Player Year RBI
Jeff King 1997 112
Kendrys Morales 2015 105
Danny Tartabull 1987 101
John Mayberry 1972 100
Willie Aikens 1980 98

Ben Zobrist's time atop Kansas City's lineup has been limited, but he's helped the Royals score at least eight runs in four of his seven starts in the leadoff spot.

Royals' Team Offense by Starting Leadoff Hitter

Runs Per Game Batting Average
Ben Zobrist 7.00 (49/7) .327 (85/260)
All Others 4.39 (624/142) .268 (1,303/4,862)

Zobrist is batting .308 (56/182) since joining the Royals. The only midseason acquisition to ever produce a higher mark for Kansas City was Pat Tabler (.309) in 1988 (minimum 100 PA for Royals and one game for previous team in season).

Of course, just getting three runs has usually been enough to secure a victory for the Royals. Only a couple American League teams over the past 35 years, including the great Mariners squad from 2001, have fared better when tallying at least three times.

Best Record when Scoring 3+ Runs, American League since 1980

Year Team Record Win Percentage
1990 Oakland Athletics 99-20 .832
2001 Seattle Mariners 108-28 .794
2015 Kansas City Royals 88-22 .788
1998 New York Yankees 108-30 .783
2014 Seattle Mariners 79-22 .782

The Royals have excelled at scoring their runners from second base on singles.

Most Times Scoring from Second on Singles

Team Runs
Royals 109
Blue Jays 105
Braves 104
Pirates 103
Giants 102

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